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Sick Policy

Shine Nurture Center Cooperative reserves the right to temporarily deny any child admittance to the school for reasons of obvious illness, or to request early departure should symptoms become apparent during the course of the day. Any child who seems unable to participate in our program for any reason will be sent home. This is to ensure the continued good health of everyone at the center. We realize that most of you are working parents and we do try to accommodate you as much as possible. However, for the health and well being of the children in our care and our staff we feel it is vital to maintain a strict wellness policy. We ask for parents to assist by keeping sick children at home. We do take into consideration your physician’s recommendations nevertheless it is up to our discretion when your child may return to school.

When a child may not attend school with any one of these symptoms:
  • Fever: Children will be sent home if their temperature is 100.0 or higher and must stay home the next day for observation. Children must be free of fever for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication. The same policy applies if your child develops a fever at home. They must be fever-free for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication.

  • Rash: Any rash with discharge, other than a common diaper rash or skin irritation, will require that child to be sent home for evaluation.

  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye): Children will be sent home if there appears to be an unusual amount of discharge from or irritation to their eye(s) and must stay home the next day for observation.
    If the diagnosis is BACTERIAL CONJUNCTIVITIS children must have received at least 24 hours of treatment.
    If the diagnosis is VIRAL CONJUNCTIVITIS your child may return AS LONG AS THERE IS NO DISCHARGE.

  • Thick White, Green, or Yellow Mucus: Children will be sent home if they appear to have any thick white, green, or yellow discharge. This is often indicative of an infection and they must stay home the next day for observation. Before returning to school they will need an evaluation and diagnosis from their doctor in writing and at least 24 hours of treatment. If in fact, they do not have an infection we need a doctor’s note with a diagnosis of exactly what it is with a clearance that it is nothing contagious. The Department of Health and most doctors are of the opinion that once on antibiotics for 24 hours, the discharge is no longer contagious even though it may persist for up to two weeks.

  • Diarrhea: Children will be sent home if they have two or more loose bowel movements in one day and must stay home the next day for observation. Before returning to school (after the day of observation) children must be free from diarrhea for 12 hours with at least 1 regular bowel movement. If your child has one or more loose bowel movements on their first day back they will again be sent home.

  • Vomiting: Children will be sent home if they vomit and must stay home the next day for observation. Before returning to school (after the day of observation) children must be symptom-free with no vomiting for at least 24 hours.

Common Cold Policy

Children suffering from a common cold will be assessed on an individual basis, with the understanding that younger children (infants and toddlers) will be more likely to be sent home.

Factors of consideration include the developmental level of your child in congruence with our ability to limit the spread of germs.

The younger your child, the more difficult it is to keep the spread of germs down. For example, hand-to-face contact, mouthing of toys, uncontrolled nasal discharge, uncovered sneezing and coughing, etc. If your child is exhibiting symptoms of illness please keep them home, when possible, if they are unable to practice personal hygiene; i.e. wiping their nose, sneezing into their elbow, washing hands, etc.

Current COVID19 Precautions
COVID-19 Handbook Addendum

*We try to keep the latest COVID precautions and program updates here. When there is a conflict between this information and the handbook, this webpage will be considered the most current information

Operating Hours

  • Shine Nurture Center Office Hours: 8:00am – 4:40pm

  • See calendar for days off.

  • AM Drop-Off & PM Pick-up

    •  The car line drop-off procedure will continue for Fall 2021-Summer 2022. Car Line Etiquette Details Here!

    • Beginning August 2021:

      • Preschool:   Drop-off – 8:00am – 8:20am; Pick-up – 4:00pm – 4:20pm

      • Infants & Toddlers: Drop-off – 8:20am – 8:40pm; pick-up – 4:20pm – 4:40pm

      • Shine In Home Hours: Drop-off 8:15am-8:30am; Pick-up 4:00 - 4:30pm

    • Parents must pick-up and drop-off during set times except under extenuating circumstances (e.g., doctor’s appointments/emergencies), repeated late drop-offs or pick-ups is cause for dismissal from our program.

    • Parents with siblings at Shine Nurture Center may pull into a parking space to wait to drop the second child off, or drop-off/pick-up as close to the overlap time as possible (i.e., 8:20am and 4:20pm). However, an infant or toddler can NOT be dropped off at 8:00am along with their preschool-age sibling, as teachers will not be prepared yet.

    • Drop-offs will include a visual inspection of the child for signs of illness. We will begin the school year with temperature screens in the morning.

    • No parent entry to the building and enclosed play area at drop-off and pick-up times; We will continue to share updates and pictures via brightwheel and monthly newsletters & lesson plans.

    • We will host community gatherings and special events days with caution when possible.

Daily Routine adjustments

  • We will be outdoors as much as possible, even more than in past years. We have added shaded areas to the playground areas and will also spend lots of time in the woods at Shine Nurture Center (woods are used by toddlers & preschoolers primarily). 

  • When indoors, every effort will be made to give children sufficient space to prevent crowding (especially during naps) and to increase ventilation (opening doors, windows, and running air filtration).

  • We will not run a fear-based program. Children WILL be able to play with their friends, run, hug, and touch each other. As always, we will say “kissing is for family members only” and we will try our best to keep babies from gnawing on each other. However, despite our increased measures of protection,  parents should expect that the children at Shine will share germs with friends (and us teachers too), and we acknowledge that play and touch are an essential part of childhood. 



  • Teachers who are not vaccinated must continue to wear masks during pick up and drop off and anytime they are inside working with children or other staff members.

  • Teachers who are fully vaccinated may choose to wear a mask or not. Teachers who are vaccinated must provide their vaccination card, so that Shine has a copy on file.

  • Parents who are vaccinated no longer need to wear masks at pick up or drop off. Parents who are not fully vaccinated should continue to wear a mask at these times.

  • Children are not allowed to wear masks during the school day at Shine.



  • Children will wash their hands upon arrival. 

  • Children and staff will wash hands very frequently during the day - including but not limited to: at drop-off, before eating, after toileting/diaper changes, after wiping/blowing noses, upon coming inside, & anytime hands are dirty. 


Cleaning & Sanitization 

  • Cleaning and sanitizing practices will be intensified.  Toys & Works that are used will be sanitized daily. Items that are put in mouths will be removed immediately to be cleaned and sanitized. 

  • We will routinely clean, sanitize, and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched (doorknobs, light switches, classroom sink handles, countertops, desks, chairs, cubbies, playground structures, etc.) 

  • We have hired a weekly cleaning crew to supplement the cleaning that teachers do daily. 

  • A HEPA air filter has been added to each classroom. 


Snacks / Meals

  • We will eat meals and snacks outside whenever possible. 

  • Parents must provide 1 labeled sippy cup or water bottle for water for your child each day.  We will not use water cups in the classroom at this time.



  • The cots and cribs will be spaced out as much as possible.

  • Cribs and cots are sanitized at the end of each week. 


Items to bring from home

  • All families are asked to please minimize the items brought from home to Shine - do not include unnecessary items in your bag. Children should not bring in toys other than their one cuddly. 

  • Infants: We will supply crib sheets and lightweight blankets - do not send rest items with your infant.

  • Toddlers & Preschoolers: Please bring 1 rest blanket for your child and one cuddly item in one small bag on Mondays. We will send these items home to be laundered on Fridays. 

  • All families: Please bring 2 extra sets of clothing for your child in a labeled ziplock bag. If your child soils his/her clothes and we use the backup, please bring 1 more set the following day. Please make sure these items are freshly laundered. 

  • Shine provides sunscreen & bug spray. 

  • Children who are bottle-fed will need to bring labeled bottles from home. Please give bottles in a bag to the staff member at drop-off. 

  • Children who are in diapers will need to bring diapers and wipes in. Cloth diapers will be sent home daily. 

  • Reminder: No jewelry (including amber necklaces), coins, or small toys should be brought or worn to Shine. 

Updated Sick Policy for Enrolled Children

  • Shine acknowledges it is typical for young children to have runny noses and cold symptoms. In the past we would not have asked children to stay home for mild symptoms, however, we will be more cautious and stricter with the sick policy this year.

  • Unfortunately, a child may not come to care if they have ANY cold symptoms, such as cough, sore throat, or yellow or green running mucus.

  • If a child has a non-contagious medical condition, such as an allergy, which mimics cold symptoms, parents must provide a doctor's note documenting the condition before the child can return to care.

  • We have a 24-hour fever-free policy. If a child has an axillary (under the arm) temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more they must stay out of child care until they have been fever-free (without the use of fever-reducers) for 24 hours. We use forehead scanners for quick fever checks, and if there is borderline temperature, we will double-check under the arm.

  • Additionally, all other illness symptoms listed in the handbook as cause for staying home still apply (e.g., pink eye, unexplained rash).

  • If a child has yellow or green snot, they will be excluded from care.

  • If the child has a clear runny nose and one or more additional symptoms (e.g., diarrhea, cough, sneezing, etc.) they should stay home.

  • If a child has a clear runny nose and NO other symptoms, they can attend Shine.

  • If illness symptoms develop over the course of a day, parents will be called to come pick up their child.

  • The child should stay home until all cold symptoms resolve (with the exception of a clear, runny nose ONLY).

  • The child should stay home as long as they have exclusionary symptoms even if they have tested negative for COVID.

Vaccination Policy

  • Staff members are encouraged but not required to be vaccinated.

  • The office tracks the vaccination status of teachers & staff members, but will not release this information to anyone else.

  • Quarantining, masking, and other procedures may vary based on the vaccination status of teachers, according to the latest best practices guidelines.

COVID Exposure

  • If a child has had a COVID exposure and they have NO symptoms, please keep them home for at least 5 days since exposure. (Even if they've had a negative test result during this time, please stay home for the full 5 days.)

  • If someone in the child's immediate family has COVID, parents should assume their child is positive as well even if they have no symptoms, and keep them home for at least 5 days since last exposure to the symptomatic person.

  • If a child has had a COVID exposure and has COVID symptoms, parents should assume they are positive for COVID and keep them home for at least 5 days since exposure and wait until symptoms are gone before returning to care.


Suspected or Confirmed Diagnoses

  • Shine will notify all enrolled families if there is a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 exposure at Shine, but we will not release the identity of the person diagnosed.

  • If there is a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis at Shine, we will work with the local health officials to determine appropriate next steps, including whether an extended closure is needed to stop or slow the further spread of COVID-19.

  • If a child is diagnosed with COVID, that child should remain home until all symptoms are resolved. All of the children and employees in that child’s classroom will quarantine according to the current CDC guidelines. Parents must provide documentation from the child’s health care provider that states they are no longer contagious and able to return to Shine. The classroom will be deep cleaned and sanitized before re-opening.

Shine reserves the right to close or halt the program at any time, including if there is a suspected or actual diagnosis of COVID-19 and/or if there is a large spike in cases locally. We will do our best to stay open, but in all likelihood, we will have to close for some days this school year.  Monthly tuition may be used to cover up to 10 days (2 weeks) of closure (for any reason) per school year and there will be no reimbursement for closures of 10 days or less. 

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