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We operate year-round and use rolling enrollment.  We can accept a new child whenever a space opens.
*Our waitlist is open again! If you'd like to add your child you can email their name, date of  birth and your contact information (email and phone number) to It's also helpful to indicate if you're interested in our 2 or 3 day options or full time care. 
Our waitlist is first-come, first-served, with the exception of a few priorities (e.g., sibling priority). Coming to an open house and getting on the waitlist early is highly encouraged.​ Waitlist times vary and times can be fairly unpredictable. However, once you have completed the waitlist application form, you will receive your number in line and get monthly updates on your status.

Once a spot opens up we will reach out to you through email and phone. In order to be fair and keep spots filled we will move to the next family on the list if we don't hear back within 5 business days. Families that are not responsive to emails or phone calls will be removed from the waitlist.
Our policy for our waitlist to allow you to retain your spot on our waitlist once if we offer you a spot and decline. If we offer you a second spot and you turn it down, we will then move you to the bottom of our waitlist. If we reach the point where we offer you a spot a third time you will be removed from our list and we will not add you back. If at any point you make a request about when you want care, we will try to accommodate as well as possible and not offer you a spot if the spot does not fill your request. Also, turning down multiple spots offered within a 30-day period will not count against you as we realize that your situation will likely not have changed in that period, but still want to offer the spot incase something did change. Also to note when we send out offers, we usually send out the offer to between 2-4 families at a time for a single spot, because we frequently have people declining the offer. It is possible that when we send out an offer if another family decides to take the spot it will no longer be available so please make sure you are responding as soon as you possibly can.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions. The best time to visit us is at one of our open houses!

Our next open house will likely be some time in the winter or spring. We'll update the website as soon as we have a date. 

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2023/2024 Calendar
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Operating Hours

Office Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00am - 4:4

Visit Us

Our Next Open Houses will be


5100 Colerain Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45223


*We do NOT do drop-in tours*

In order to protect the routine of the children currently enrolled, we typically do not do private tours unless we have a spot immediately available for your family.

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