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Live Successfully: How to Balance Mom Life With Entrepreneurship

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You should never have to choose between motherhood and your company. If you feel like you juggle too many tasks and cannot focus on motherhood and entrepreneurship simultaneously, there are ways you can make it work. Shine Nurture Center Cooperative outlines a few here.

Plan Everything Now

If you want balance, you need a plan. You need a plan for your family and your business. When it comes to your family, Today’s Parent suggests working on a routine. You should have meal times, family time, bedtime, and more planned out daily. Create a calendar so everyone in the family can stay up to date. Additionally, plan meals so you worry less about dinner.

Your business plan should include every detail necessary to make your business a success, including:

  • How to sell your products and services

  • How to structure your business (i.e., as an LLC, corporation, sole proprietorship, etc.)

  • How to obtain funding

  • How you predict your financial future

To write your business plan, start with your summary. Summaries are similar to elevator pitches and should include your mission statement and financial projections. All business plans should also include market research. Find out what your ideal client looks like and determine how you can seek those people out to support your business.

If you sense that you have some holes in your business-focused skill set, consider picking up some business classes. In fact, you can build up your business acumen while pursuing a business or accounting degree, which will teach you the latest concepts, practices and software pertaining to taxation, auditing, and management principles. Choosing an online option is even better, as you’re able to study at your own pace and wherever you have an internet connection, meaning you can take coursework at home while you balance your life as mom.

Sell Yourself to the Right People Using Facebook Ads

You do not want to spend precious time worrying about marketing. Instead, you need to know how to reach and engage the right consumers. Successful marketing allows you to maintain a reputation and build relationships with potential clients and customers.

Suppose you do not want to spend all your time marketing on social media, creating content, or looking for the right marketing avenues. In that case, you can always delegate to a marketing team or outsource your marketing. Another option is to utilize easy-to-use, time-saving (and often free) online tools. For instance, when you want to create a Facebook ad, there’s software that helps you quickly launch a social media campaign. Such tools allow you to use a free, existing template to design your Facebook ad and reach a huge audience of potential customers.

Give Time to Yourself and the People You Love

You may think balance means multitasking, but it does not always have to mean that at all. Set yourself a routine where you have time for work and time for kids. Do not shortchange your kids by taking calls or responding to work-related texts during playtime. Make family the priority by carving times that you dedicate to them only. For example, choose a time to have family dinner every night. One activity that revolves around family can make a significant difference.

The more time you spend with your family, the more likely your kids will have higher self-esteem and an understanding of positive family dynamics. It will make it easier to discuss with your family and open up to one another.

In addition, take care of yourself. If you do not eat nourishing foods or exercise regularly, you may not have the energy to balance your home life with your business. According to experts at Mayo Clinic, physical activity delivers nutrients and oxygen to your blood and helps your cardiovascular system work better. Improvements in your heart and lungs give you more energy to take care of your children and your business.

As a mompreneur, it may feel like you have too much on your plate. Once you learn how to juggle your personal and professional life, you can succeed in business while staying close to your family and loved ones. Remember to plan early, get your name out to as many people as possible (which you can use Facebook ads to do so), and don’t neglect time for you and your family.

The teachers at Shine Nurture Center Cooperative create a nature-based, play-based curriculum based on the development and the interests of the children they teach. Contact us today for more information! (513) 541-0400

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