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  • Janice Russell

Realistic Self-Care Strategies for the Busy Parent

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

There’s a great emphasis on self-care these days. After all, you can’t be everything to everyone, especially when you’re not taking care of your own health and well-being. But when are supposed to fit healthy, relaxing activities into your relentless parenting schedule?

The good news is that you can practice self-care no matter how busy you are. No, you may not be able to go to the spa for two hours every day, but you can make small changes to your routine and adopt simple habits to foster your physical, mental, and emotional health. And you and everyone around (including your kids) will benefit!

Consider these strategies from Shine Nurture Center.

Take Small Steps

Too many adults try to transform their lives all at once and become discouraged when they fail to stick to their new routines. It's essential to be realistic when it comes to living healthily. You’re a busy parent, meaning you have a lot on your plate. Start by taking small steps toward better living and building a routine.

For example, maybe you could trade the candy bar or bag of chips for a handful of nuts or a banana. Maybe you could drink a nutritious smoothie instead of that soda or sugary latte. Increasing your water intake can also help you obtain a healthier lifestyle.

Set Goals

Any type of change requires you to set goals if you hope to carry out the change long-term. Think about your lifestyle and the areas you would like to improve. Then, write down challenging-yet-attainable goals to work toward each day.

Declutter Your Home

It can be challenging to sustain healthy change when your living environment is a mess. Spend a weekend decluttering every space in your home and cleaning every surface. Then, create a daily cleaning routine that helps you maintain a healthy home environment. Here are a few other ways to make your home promote healthy living:

  • Diffusing essential oils

  • Maximizing natural light

  • Installing daylight bulbs

  • Keeping the temperature around 77°F during the day

  • Incorporating air-purifying plants

  • Stocking your fridge with healthy foods

Go for a Walk

Taking a leisurely walk is one simple way of decompressing after a stressful day. If your spouse works away from home, consider going for a walk by yourself after they get home.

You could also make it a family affair or even take your kids walking through the neighborhood during the day. Not only will it keep you physically active, but being in nature can reduce anxiety and increase concentration.

Set Up a Yoga Space

Practicing yoga is one of the most popular self-care activities for moms who want to improve their health and bring more calm into their life. Yoga helps to detox the mind and body, and there are plenty of online resources for yogis of all levels. Carve out a small space in your home and invest in a few items to get started.

Prepare the Week’s Lunches

Meal prepping is another popular form of self-care. The concept may seem daunting or unrealistic if you've never done it before. But once you get into a rhythm, you’ll realize how much easier you can make your life by spending a few hours per week planning and preparing your meal. Meal prepping can save you time, and money while giving you more control of the ingredients your family consumes.

Stop Saying Yes

Finally, learn to establish healthy boundaries. If you say yes to everything that comes your way, you’ll have less time to focus on your top priorities. Don't be afraid to say no to unsolicited advice, play dates, outings, phone calls, or anything else you don't currently have time for.

If you don't take care of your health and well-being, no one else will. You might be shocked by how much more you have to give to your kids and other people in your life after incorporating healthy, stress-reducing, and energy-boosting activities into your daily routine. Try the tips above and keep seeking other self-care strategies to fit into your busy schedule.

Shine Nurture Center provides quality child-care with a focus on holistic, nature-based learning. Learn more about our services by calling (513) 541-0400.

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